EME uses a state of the art, infrared thermal imaging camera for its EMography™ service.  EMography™ can quickly and accurately locate and document moisture problems due to condensation or water intrusion, for example.  EMography™ highlights the changes in temperature on a surface due to condensation or water intrusion.

EME’s EMography™ services can help identify these concerns:

  • Areas of moisture intrusion
  • Excessive heat in electrical systems
  • Clogs and leaks associated with plumbing systems
  • Moisture infiltration within roofing systems
  • HVAC duct leaks
  • Energy conservation and/or efficiency issues (interior and exterior)
  • Missing or inadequate insulation in wall cavities and attics
  • Post fire hot spot identification
  • Preventative maintenance (Inspections are given to proactively ensure there are no potentially damaging areas of concern)

Clients receive an EMography™ report and a proposal that details areas of concern which require remediation

EME’s  Stacey Supanich was trained for thermography by Restoration Consultants in St. Petersburg, Florida.