EME offers Universal Waste Removal and Industrial Cleaning and for our client’s needs.  The needs can be based on exposure to hazardous substances, grease build-up, old light fixtures, pre-demolition or simply years of use. When your project requires extensive cleanup or decontamination, you can count on EME’s years of experience.

EME’s certified technicians specialize in hot/cold pressure washing techniques, ice blasting equipment and environmentally safe coating procedures and chemicals.

EME offers the following Universal Waste Removal:

  • Economical PCB ballast and fluorescent light tube removal, disposal and recycling
  • School chemistry lab chemical removal and disposal
  • Lithium bromide removal and disposal
  • Electronic equipment: computer, monitors, televisions, VCRs, etc. disposal and recycling

EME offers the following Industrial Cleaning Services:

  • Greasy floor clean up
  • Animal (pigeon, raccoon, etc.) debris clean-up and disinfecting
  • Roach allergen clean-up
  • Graffiti removal